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  • The D-SX9 is for Sony’s FX9 camera using the v mount batteries to power the camera rather than the standard BPU batteries. It’s attached to the top of the camera with the included screws. It has a 19.5V output with a low warning LED, LED will flash when the battery […]
  • Compatible with professional cameras to use a V-lock mount battery pack. Weight:Approx 0.15Kg Dimensions:142.6x92x21 mm
  • 1. Remove Blackmagic URSA Broadcast’s Molex power cover is attached to the real panel by unscrewing the 4 corner screws with a Phillips head PH1 screwdriver. You’ll now see  Blackmagic URSA Broadcast’s 12-way Molex 55959-1230 power connector. 2. Connect Dynacore D-URSA’s Molex connector to the 12 way Molex 55959-1230 power […]
  • To meet the keep changing market demands for film lightings, Dynacore has launched 3 series power supply system by continuous R&D and design, they are D-SC, D-3SC&D-4SC. D-SC, fixed to the lighting stand with C-clamp on the back, it provides power to the 12-24V film lightings through the D-tap connector […]

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