• D-2BS/A-24 is the power station designed to integrate the power of 2pcs V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries into a power source as a 24V voltage output. It can supply power of up to 240W output(24V, 10A). To reach the best output performance, 2pcs batteries with the same capacity and charging status are […]
  • Integration of both battery adapter and charger function in one device. 48V, 10A& 28V, 10A adapter output are available, support Max 480W. 48V,10A adapter output can meet the power requirement of ARRI Skypanel S60. 4pcs high capacity batteries are suggested to get the maximum power. Mount 4pcs Dynacore DN-310S/A, with […]
  • D-4BS/A is a portable power supply unit through 4 channels V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries. The 2 channels output of 12V 4-pin XLR and 24V 3-pin XLR are suitable for high power applications such as portable editor, microwave transmitter, etc. Specification Output Current ≤10A Output Voltage DC 24V Applicable Battery […]